Services / Team Customs Brokerage

Team Customs Brokerage offers brokerage services for air, land and sea imports in addition to providing auditing and compliance trainings. This service is just one more vital piece of the transportation puzzle, affording you the solution you need!

  • Electronic connections to Customs allowing TCB (Team Customs Brokerage) to clear at all cargo ports of entry
  • Experience clearing shipments from all modes of transportation:
    • Air
    • Land
    • Sea
  • Compliance training
  • Importing to U.S.
  • Import operations
  • Filing of In Bond Movements at all cargo ports
  • Filing of all requirements for ISF (Importer Security Filing) required for all ocean imports
  • Fast processing of import documents – reducing waiting time to cross the border
  • C-TPAT certification

Team Customs Brokerage Internet Tracking